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American Football Ball

This sport is called football because the ball measures exactly a foot (about 30 cm)
It has a lace, this is not to decorate but it helps to get a good grip when throwing the football and make it rotate aerodynamically. It is also called pigskin because it is made from pork leather. For example, the pigskin classic is the first game of the college football season

The equipment

The Helmet

The helmet has evolved a lot. It was originally made of leather (The inventor: midshipman Joseph M.Reeves has supposedly invented it in 1894)
Nowadays, the helmet is really improved and is taking modern technology to protect the health of the players. Made out of light and solid plastic
The helmet is the same for any player but the face mask can vary much depending on the position of the player. It is clear that certain players need more protection and others need more space to view the field.

The rest of the Equipment

is made of protection for the shoulder, the hips, the thighs and the knees for all players.
Then depending on the position of the player on the field, there might be differences in the protective gear. For example linebackers (the one who tackle a lot) will have an added protection for the neck, Quarterback or wide recievers might have extra protection in the ribs as they have their arms up often.

The shoes

are worn depending on the turf on which the game is played. If it is nice weather typical cleats are thick on the outside and thin on the inside of the bottom of the shoe. If it is rainy then soccer clears will be used; longer and thicker to allow good grip on the wet grass. If the game is played on artificial turf then smaller and thiner cleats will be used.


also can be worn. Sticky in the palm for receiver, or thickly protective for the linemen.

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